June 17, 2009

The final days of school!

Tying up all my loose ends is finally done! I've spent as much time as I can at school these past few days, because after tomorrow, it will no longer be available! Luckily I came into some unexpected money, so yesterday I made some purchases on software, a tablet, and other various things that I'm so excited to receive! Next week I will hopefully be getting my new camera (Nikon's D700) and a bunch of gear to go along with it! Next weekend on the 26th I am shooting a wedding out near Cape Cod and then the 27th I am assisting Hallmark alumni Katie-Malone Smith with a wedding out in New Haven, CT. Along with a few trips to move back home, I have so much to look forward to! Enjoy this silly picture of Dane and I from our lake house trip this past Memorial Day. You can laugh at my sunburn, its okay ;) 

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