June 23, 2009

A goal was reached!

I am officially, a Hallmark Alumni!! Graduation was last friday and it was a terrific ceremony. The rain held out, the speakers were great, the tears came at certain moments, and there was lots of fun with everyone to be had. [After parties were amazing with everyone one last time, too! ;) ] A friend notified me this morning that one of my pictures is on Hallmark's site, which means I FINALLY met my year-long goal of getting a photo up there! I knew I always loved that one of Kyle more than some of my others, and its comforting to know others agreed!

Got my Nikon D700 and an 80-200 2.8 lens yesterday. Today getting lots of other fun stuff, including another lens, flash and accessories, OH BOY am I lucky. I did not expect to have any of these things for a LONG time after working, but my dad worked out a loan with me and he's AMAZING. Its so moving to have parents believe in your dream so much.  I am privileged for sure.

Well, back to job searching for the 'real' world. To all you new fellow HIPster alumni, good luck with everything, and I will miss you greatly! To everyone else, stay tuned :) In the process of moving back home to RI, so southeastern New England, lets get busy with shoots!

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